Knowing how many years the company has been providing cleaning and commercial services is an essential aspect to choose the contract. The experience with which the contractor counts contributes a lot of value to his work. An agency that has an excellent track record and has loyal customers offers us many guarantees because it shows us that we can trust in their professionalism.

Quality Of Cleaning Products for Office & Commercial Cleaning

The commercial cleaning services that do a good job are those that do not skimp on professional hygiene and disinfection products. It is essential that the commercial cleaning professionals in charge of these services, use professional and adequate cleaning products for each surface. It is not the same to clean crystals, that sanitize the bathroom. Therefore, the chemicals used must be of quality and specific to each area.

More and more cleaning and maintenance companies use eco-friendly products, respectful of health and the environment, so it will be an essential aspect to take into account in the choice of cleaning and maintenance company.

Machinery And Utensils Suitable For Cleaning And Maintenance

The cleaning tools also have to be appropriate for each space. For example, if the windows of my office are too high, the operator may have to polish them with a pole (pole cleaning). If the floor of my office is extensive and made of marble, the company must provide the person in charge of the cleaning with a floor scrubbing machine and a polishing machine (polishing and polishing floors). The cleaning and maintenance tasks that the chosen company offers us should be the most suitable for our space so that the sanitation is effective and respectful with the workers.

Legal Cleaning Services Companies

Many agencies are not aware of the importance of legality in each of the areas they cover. When we are ready to have the services of a cleaning company we will have to make sure that it is correctly registered in the Mercantile Registry.

It is also essential that you have legally hired each of your workers and also be registered in Social Security.

“We must never contribute to nurturing the underground economy.”

Companies must also have civil liability insurance that covers possible accidents and the damages they may cause to third parties.

Cleaning Budget Request And Payment Terms

After taking into account all the aspects mentioned above, we will surely have ruled out many options. At this point, the ideal is to pre-select three different companies to request a budget. Once we have this document, we must examine it in detail, paying special attention to the following points:

  • The budget must specify what cleaning tasks will cover the service we want to hire.
  • In addition to the services, it is essential that the document details whether it is necessary for the company to use specific machinery for the disinfection of some areas, such as elevators for cleaning windows.
  • How many people are going to take care of the disinfection of our facilities is also a point that should appear in this document. It is not the same as the task performed by a single person in 2 hours than two people in 1 hour.
  • The amount of these cleaning and maintenance tasks should be reflected in the budget. Also, this document has to specify what period this economical estimate covers. We can find budgets by hours, by days, by years … everything will depend on each company.
  • What space is the one that hires will clean, is also something that should appear in the budget?

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