Answers to some common questions we have received.

What will the weather be like? What are the chances we will we be racing in snow?

The temperature in Winnipeg for the last week of October typically varies between a low of 2 C. and a high of 8 C. It rarely dips below -2 C. or rise above 13 C.

For the 2014 Canadian Championships, the high was a balmy 21 C!

Snow at the end of October is not impossible, though it is highly unlikely. But since we are cyclocross racers, we’re not worried about the possibility of a little snow. If anything, it makes the racing all the more exciting, as anyone who was in Louisville for the World Championships can attest.

In other words, you can expect perfect cyclocross weather!

Is it the 2015 or 2016 Canadian Championships?

Technically speaking, it’s the 2016 Canadian Championships. The cyclocross season spans the new year, beginning in the fall and running until the end of February. Most countries crown their Cyclocross Champions during the second week of January. But needless to say, that timing is not awesome in most parts of Canada. It is even less awesome in Winnipeg.

Since the race is held in 2015, we will refer to it as the 2015 Canadian Cyclocross Championships.

Why are the Canadian Championships so early when the World Championships are in February?

Cycling Canada has identified the weekend before the new North American Continental Championships as the ideal weekend for the Canadian Championships, for a variety of reasons.

As a national event, it is important to have the Canadian Championships move around the country. As noted above, a championship in the traditional mid-January slot is simply not feasible for much of the country.

Does this timing put Canadian racers at a disadvantage at the World Championships?

It all depends on how you structure your training program. Having the Canadian Championships at the end of October is arguably ideal for athletes who are aiming to be at their best for the World Championships. Many elite cyclocross racers time their training for two peaks throughout the season.

For example, Helen Wyman traditionally plans her season to be in top shape for Koppenbergcross and the European championships at the beginning of November and then to peak again for the World Championships in mid-February. In the 2013-14 season, this training plan worked out pretty well, as she won both of the first two races and finished third at the World Championships, the best result of her impressive career.

What is the difference between “Championship” and “Challenge” Races?

Canadian Championship titles are only awarded for certain categories. You guessed it, they’re the ones referred to as Championship races. Other race categories will still be run during the Canadian Championship event. But they are not eligible for the Canadian Championship title or the coveted maple leaf jersey that comes with it.

Nationals or Canadian Championships? What is the preferred nomenclature?

Cyclocross Nationals is not the preferred nomenclature. Canadian Cyclocross Championships, please.

Am I eligible to race?

It depends on which race. But the good news is there are races for everyone, whether you are an experienced pro or have just heard about cyclocross. Most races require a UCI Racing License. If you are from Manitoba, you can sign up for one here. If you do not have a Racing License, you may still participate in one of the Open Races. There are Open Races on all three days. And all of the events of the Kick Cancer Cyclocross Derby are open to anyone, whether licensed or not. In addition, all Kids Races (U11 and younger) open to anyone. If you are confused about which race you should sign up for, feel free to send us an email.

Please note that American racers will require a UCI license (i.e., international upgrade) to participate in any of the races.

How old am I?

If you are a racer, your racing age is the age you would be on Dec. 31, 2016. So, for example, if your birthday is in November or December, you will technically be two years older than you actually are while you are racing. After the race is over, you will revert back to your actual age. So unfortunately, this logic for calculating one’s age does not apply to the Beer Garden.

Yes, we realize this is a bit odd. But it’s just one of those quirks that makes cyclocross what it is. And since age is determined the same way for everyone, it’s all fair in the end.

When will registration be open?

Registration will open in early September.

 Why are people always smiling and laughing at cyclocross races?

Because it’s just so much fun. If you have never attended a cyclocross race, make sure to head over to The Forks to experience the unique atmosphere for yourself.

How can I help?

Thanks for asking! There are many ways to help. You can volunteer. You can sponsor the event. You can recruit 3 colleagues and convince your boss to enter a team in Friday’s Corporate Race. You can spread the word about the race on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. If at all possible, you should sign up to participate in one of a races. Or three! You can grab a cowbell, find some friends and come cheer for the racers. You can enjoy a pint of Dead Ringer Belgian IPA in the Half Pints Beer Garden. We hope everyone can find a way to participate in the event in some way. We are pretty sure you will have a good time.

I still have some questions that are not answered here. Can you answer them?

Absolutely! Or at least we promise to give it our best shot. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any further questions.