Our People

Winnipeg CX is a huge effort that is possible only because a lot of awesome people give their time and energy in an effort to make something special happen. Please be sure to thank the members of the Organizing Committee and all of our dedicated volunteers for their hard work.


Organizing Committee:


Event Co-Chairs

Chris Huebner (email)

Ian Hall (email)


Promotion and Marketing Director

Andrea Tétrault


Media Coordinator

Colin Fast (email)


Sponsorship Coordinator

Mark Reimer (email)


Financial Director

Charlene Guenter


Expo Coordinator

Rudy Clifford (email)


Facilities Coordinator

Jaron Friesen (email)


Registration Coordinator

Hal Loewen (email)


Course Design

David Coughlin


Course Setup and Maintenance

Brad Enns

Lyle Wiens


Team Area Coordinator

Trevor Ketler (email)


Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Mitchell (email)


Host Housing Coordinator

Char Hiebert (email)


Officials Coordinator

Twila Pitcher



Brian Hildebrandt-Penner


Awards Coordinator

David Unger


Webcast Producer

Darryl Neustaedter Barg


Race Announcer

Steve Scoles


Additional Volunteers

It takes a small army of volunteers (around 200 people) to make the Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships happen. We would love it if you wanted to join us. Help us do something big and awesome by signing up to volunteer. Fill out the online form to let us know what sort of work you are willing to do.

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