The Course (Map)

The course has been designed to capitalize on the energy and layout of the Forks. It is fully integrated into the overall footprint of the venue, running right through the heart of the Forks Market Plaza and taking racers to some of the site’s most popular features.

All good cyclocross courses have at least one hard feature – ideally two – which become magnets for spectators. Sometimes natural occurring parts of the race site’s landscape, sometimes man-made, it is generally these features that riders love to hate. Our course includes three particularly leg-cramping features – a 150 foot stretch of deep sand, a steep run-up along the river bank, and a white-knuckle descent through a grove of trees down to the river.

The layout of the course has been designed with spectators in mind. In addition to a variety of prime vantage points from which to take in the action, there are clear pathways that provide easy access to all the key areas with minimal course crossings. This course will offer a fast and challenging race that will be fun and entertaining for spectators. Racers are expected to complete the 3.2 km circuit in 8 minutes, so there will be plenty of action, especially as the field stretches out.

The course includes a variety of different terrains: grass, gravel, sand, dirt, cobblestones, wood, and pavement.

There will be a separate course for the kids races (aged 10 and under). It also happens to be conveniently located next to an awesome playground, The Variety Heritage Adventure Park. So bring the whole family!

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