University Race

The Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championship is much more than just a series of serious cyclocross races. It is also a festival with numerous opportunities for the people of Winnipeg to get together for some serious recreation-based fun. There are several events and parties over the course of the weekend, with a host of community involvement events taking place on Friday, October 23 as part of the Kick Cancer Cyclocross Derby in support of the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

One such opportunity for the wider community to participate in the event is the University Race that will take place as part of the Kick Cancer Cyclocross Derby from 3 – 4 PM.

Winnipeg is home to four universities and a number of colleges. Students, faculty, and staff from each of these schools are invited to compete against each other in a for-fun race in which the winning team will receive a prize package as well as bragging rights.

Each school can field a team of up to 30 racers, all of them riding at the same time. Spectators are encouraged to show up and support their school’s racers as well.

There will be separate prizes for participation and results. Which school best reflects the spirit of cyclocross? Think costumes, creative team names, hilarious cheering and heckling, etc. And which school can post the top combined times for their top 10 finishers?

What better way to keep the rivalry alive between Manitoba’s universities and colleges than by pitting them against each other in a competition that involves having a couple drinks, dressing up in outrageous costumes and getting a bit dirty in a cycling race. Celebrate finishing midterms by getting out with friends and blowing off some steam.

Beer tickets for the Half Pints Beer Garden will be up for grabs as well, since part of the fun of racing hard is rehashing the race over a few drinks when it’s all over. But they will have to be won through a series of in-race competitions (we call them “primes” and “handups”).

Registration here.


Confirmed schools:

Canadian Mennonite University

Red River College

Université de Saint-Boniface

University of Manitoba

University of Winnipeg